The eSign Procurement solution that turns frustrating moments into coffee breaks

eSignature Document Workflow for Procurement Departments.

The Procurement Department is expected to be super-efficient and accurate, at all times. Yet, all too often it is the department that gets left behind, and ends up drowning in paperwork.

We feel you, and we say "No more!"

Now you can streamline contracts and vendor management with Procurement Portfolios from SigniFlow.

Confidence in Efficiency.

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Learn why procurement departments love SigniFlow

Procurement Portfolios

SigniFlow offers a document portal where procurement documents and contracts can be centrally managed.

Procurement Portfolios can be shared with anyone, and you have full control of all access rights.

Give anyone access to upload documents while they eSign, or directly upload docs into the portal. The system will notify you via email of any changes.

All signed contracts are neatly filed together with their supporting docs. This creates an organised portal where documents can be easily found and managed.

It's never been easier to manage customer and vendor contracts & documents

A tool that brings it all together and puts you in control

Procurement departments everywhere have spoken and we've listened. We get you. Dealing with suppliers and vendors, each with their own systems, can be a tedious task.

You need more than just eSign workflow, you need a tool that understands your day at the office.

Approval Forms

SigniFlow - Procurement - Approval-250-400

Tired of waiting for IT?
Easily create your own digital forms. You can quickly turn paper or email forms into online electronic forms. eForms can be filled in, approved or eSigned by anyone in the organisation.

Powerful Workflow

SigniFlow - Procurement - Workflow-250-400
Send, eSign track and manage
It has never been easier to send and manage supplier contracts for eSign. Trackable workflows with automated reminders keep you informed. Detailed audit logs keep you compliant.

Manage & Control

SigniFlow - Procurement - Portfolios-250-400

Take a break - You deserve it
Signed contracts and supporting docs are automatically filed together. Now you can give anyone access to add documents at any time. The system will notify you of any changes.


Across the enterprise

Discover how SigniFlow connects enterprise teams

Be kind to others and the environment

Get approvals faster

Procurement Portfolios ensure faster turn-around times. This means you have more time to focus on details. The workforce is mobile and demands a platform that goes wherever they go.

Reduce time spent waiting for others to approve procurement documents.

Track workflow progress with live audit trails, automated reminders and push-notifications.

SigniFlow - Faster Approvals-W700

Turn typing into mouse clicks

Save the documents you use often as templates. Retrieve doc templates from a list with a mouse click.

Save approval and eSign workflow templates. Re-apply them on any document, with just mouse click.

Create overlay forms templates and reapply them. You guessed it, with a mouse click.

Know Your Customer

SigniFlow offers basic authentication, two-factor authentication, as well as advanced, digital KYC and AML onboarding systems to help you comply with regulations.

In addition, we've gone the extra mile to ensure our Advanced eSignatures are legally binding and  compliant with eSign and Privacy legislation.

SigniFlow - Document Tracking-W700

Prevent bottlenecks

Knowing where or with whom your documents are, is super simple with SigniFlow.

Your Dashboard is designed to give you full insight over the progress and status of your documents in workflow.

Drill into detail and see who has already approved, and who still needs to approve or eSign. Push urgency notifications automatically via email.

24/7 online support

We understand your office hours. SigniFlow offers 24/7 online support to all customers.

No matter where you are and no matter what time it is, we are always online to help you meet your deadlines.

SigniFlow 24-7 Support